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Watertown, next door to Fort Drum Army Installation, is just 30 miles south of the Canadian Border, at the top of the state. With an average snowfall of 3 to 4 feet, and temps that dip into the negatives during the winter months, is there any wonder why we call ourselves "Cold Iron"? With a riding season of six months, we take advantage of the good weather and RIDE!! 

 And from the fiery furnace came a molten liquid. In giving up it's heat it became a hardened form. With time, wisdom, effort, and love it was crafted, shaped, and formed, and became known as a sword. Men took the sword in hand and found it gave them power over those without it. Some of the men who took the sword in hand had tyranny as thier goal. A group of men, whose character was forged in the fires of human termoil and suffering came together. These men found that they all shared certain attributes and goals. They believed in honor, courage, fidelity, wisdom, truth, justice, and freedom. They formed an Order of Iron. They did this of their own free will with the goal of freedom from oppression and tyranny for themselves and all others. To this end they pledged thier life's blood to defend themselves, their brothers of the order, and the defenseless in need. Into battle they rode magnificent steeds, they rode these steeds among the public, and for the pleasure it brought to them. These knights of old passed into history as did their glorious deeds.

 Then centuries later in 2004 eight men came together. They spoke of their love of freedom, their hatred of tyranny, and the quallities a man should possess and hold in reverance. They found that they were all of a like mindset. These ideals they held were the same as the knights of old. These eight men rode steeds of steel, called motorcycles. They pledged themselves to a Brotherhood and gave their brotherhood a name. Thus the Iron Order MC came to be founded in 2005.

 The IOMC has grown over the years, and spans not only the USA, but has chapters in several other countries. If you feel you might like to be a part of this great MC, please feel free to contact us.

To contact the COLD IRON CREW, send an email to: