About Us

The Iron Order MC was started by a few hardcore bikers in a garage. These bikers came from different backgrounds and walks of life. They had a desire to share brotherhood and socialize together as a group of men sharing a like mindset. That is how the IOMC was started and how it is today. This is the heritage of the IOMC. We refuse to be dictated to by anyone as to whom we have as members.

The Cold Iron Crew is a chapter of IOMC based out of Carthage and Watertown in New York state. We're a motley crew of roughnecks, ex-prison guards, military, blue collars and other average lads. Good men becoming good friends and having a good time.

Who can join the Iron Order?
If you are male, 18 years of age, law abiding with no felony convictions, have a cruiser style motorcycle more than 650cc, and a strong desire to do something good for your community while at the same time helping build a true national brotherhood of like minded individuals....then you MIGHT be IOMC material.

Do I have to be a Probate or Prospect for the IOMC? Yes. We're all grown men. This isn't a schoolyard and we're no bullies. You will, however, earn our trust, respect, and the right to wear our patch. There is a hang around period when you will learn about us and we will learn about you. There is a Probate or Prospect period (the name changes depending on what part of the world you are from). You will prove your desire to wear our cut and your commitment to our values and brotherhood.


CIC will be at Nationals.